• Yo, me and V are moving in to the house of her grandma.
    She's showing signs of the decorating fever.
    How would you suggest approaching this condition?

  • Oh boy, your in for a treat. I find there's two types of things: the inevitable ones and the ones that can be avoided. My best bet is to play it so that you accept the things that are less horrendous, and save the Hell-No's for the really unbearable stuff. This is just a way to secure some sort of control over your living space and not be instantly called a dick when talking about home interiors. I'm living with an interior designer so I assure you your not in the worst of situations.

  • Fun thing is, when I'm like "Okay, yes that looks great, it's all good with me babe," 
    then I'm not serious enough.
    Haha thats why I asked you my friend.
    Sounds like you've been there for a while.

  • Yeah. I actually chose a lot of stuff for our apartment in Turku, 
    but when we moved to Helsinki I've not really laid a finger on the interior. It's getting quite girly in here.

    This is a thing to avoid.

  • I can see.

    Do you have private room?
    Like a manshelter.
    This is something I'm aiming for.
    The house has a little barn full of old shit that needs to be sorted out.
    No barn, more like a little outhouse.

  • Nope. It's a one room + kitchen deal. 
    This is how it looks http://seesbysanni.blogspot.fi
    This is quite far from manly.
    That sounds really nice.

  • You live in Pinterest
    I'm not looking forward to this


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